Hey, I’m Heather, I design content, branding & marketing materials that help small, creative businesses step out of the digital shadows and into the modern, chic, aesthetic light they know they own. 


But if you want to know a little more about ME, me, what lurks beyond the tagline and "elevator pitch" *shudder*, me, then we better start with the small talk. 



Alright, so, hey, hello, what's up, bonjour 👋​

Let's start at the beginning, I'm a Glaswegian (born in Glasgow, Bonnie Scotland for any non-UK readers), currently living in Nice, France. 

My colourful (read: high highs and low lows) life and career choices over the years have taken me all around the world. In fact, I went off 'traveling' almost 12 years ago, and only very recently stopped and settled in France (or, stopped and settled as much as is possible for me). Isn't life the weirdest thing? 


Muddling my way through my 20's in the eternal pursuit of the next creative outlet has allowed me to experience a sprawling range of industries spanning from the police force, to farming, to banking and insurance (not creative but, hey, it paid the bills), to Michelin star cheffing, and most recently 6 years of private catering in luxury ski chalets and villas around Europe. Some jobs were shit and thankless (designated as "character building"), and some were downright hilarious and fulfilling.  Looking back, the one constant throughout my working life has been my love for creative work – I've always been a 'doodler', a bit of a dreamer, and a do-er. I think the creative aspect of professional cooking combined with the practical side of deadlines and physically seeing your creation come to life right at the final gasp is what I loved about it, and why I spent so long doing it. 


During my time as a private chef I built up my own business, created a successful website that brought in work, wrote articles, delved into food photography, and generally just developed a passion for food, writing & content creation. Then, after all that time living out of a suitcase, all the late nights cooking dinner and ever-changing dietary requirements , a few family and health related segways lead me to hang up my chef apron and take my love for creative work online.


I wasn't sure how to go about it to start, so I set aside 9 months to make it happen. Over that year I studied digital marketing with Gen M, Hubspot & Google Digital Garage, I took a course on becoming a virtual assistant, in fact, I took countless courses, I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator, I worked for free in internships and eventually took a full time remote role as a Marketing Exec at a small branding and digital marketing agency. Throughout my life, I've often been told by mentors and peers that I have a natural ability for creative work, and so, during the height of Covid 2020, my small business was born.


Ok, so, it's not quite a creative studio (it's just me!) but I offer multiple design & content creation services such as brand packages, digital illustration, logo design, business card design, branded GIF's, product photography and more.  I also have an online shop selling my illustrations as prints and other products (which I still just think is the coolest thing – people wanting to buy the things I create), and templates and kits useful for small businesses like ebooks and lead magnets, so you can take your designs into your own hands with just a little kick start. 


I love to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses get their marketing material on point, so they step back and think, yeah... this is my brand.

I do the work I do now because I love it, it's a dream job.


When I'm not working, you can find me cooking, eating, hula-hooping, watching cat videos, dreaming of the day I'll own a cat, or studying French (not really, but that's what I SHOULD be doing 🙄) 


Developed in 2010-2019. Established in 2020 



Some random quick-fire questions I found on the internetz just for fun​

Texting or talking?​

Texting, I can be kinda introverted and don't enjoy phone calls. 

Favourite day of the week?

Hmm.. probably Sunday, I love going back to bed with a coffee and reading for a bit, then lounging around watching Sunday morning TV and cooking programmes, Homes Under the Hammer etc. 

Favourite city?

Glasgow, or maybe Sydney. 

Nickname your parents used to call you?

Herbie, still do 

Last song you downloaded?

Album: In a Space Outta Sound

Artist: Nightmares On Wax

Favourite radio station

BBC Radio 6 forever

Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to talk to animals?

Oh man.. every language in the world. I'm learning French just now and know how hard it is, I'd love a hack. 

How long does it take you to get ready?

For a regular day <10 mins, for a night out maybe an hour or two. 

Invisibility or super strength?

Super strength, invisibility is weird 

Party trick?

I can kinda juggle (I have treated you to a short clip below from when I started learning, you're welcome)

Heather 5

Working from home last summer in the 40 degree heat 🥵

Heather 3

Moved to France!

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I work remotely from France with clients from around the world.

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